New and noteworthy in GCodePrintr V3.0 proudly presents a new version of the 3D printing apps GCodePrintr and GCodeSimulator. Version v3.0 comes with many improvements and several new features, which will help to maximize the capabilities of your 3D printer. Many features are based on input from the large GCodePrintr community: Thanks for your feedback !

If you are new to GCodePrintr, get an overview about the App here first.

The major improvements of GCodePrintr V3.0 are described below in more details:

Dual Extruder Support - Drop-down Select

GcodePrintr 3.0 now supports 3D Printers with dual extruders. Once the dual extruder option is selected in the preferences, a new extruder selection drop-down will be shown on the print panel. This drop-down allows you to quickly switch between the extruders. The Status panel will highlight the temperature for the active extruder and grey out the temperature for the inactive extruder.

Dual Extruder Support - Show Extruder

When loading a gcode file, the file is analysed to detect which extruders are used. The used extruders (T0,T1,T2,T3) are shown for each file in the "recent files" list.

Dual Extruder Support - Calculate Extrusion by Tool

The gcode analyser is now able to count the extrusion values by extruder. The values for each extruder as well as the overall extrusion value is shown on the model details panel

Dual Extruder Support - 3D View Coloring by Extruder

The gcode analyser is now able to identify which part of the model is printed by which extruder. This information is used by the 3D viewer to paint the printed parts of each extruder in a different color.

Improved Status Panel

The status panel has been extended to show the status of the GCodePrintr Remote Web interface as well as the status of the NetworkReceiver to receive 3D print files over network from a PC running GCodeSimulator. A touch on the status panel will open the new Status Dialog.

Status Dialog

When touching the status panel, the new Status Dialog will show up. It shows details of the printer connection, print status and the URL which can be used to access the GCodePrintr Remote Web interface. It also shows the IP address where the NetworkReceiver is listening for incoming 3D print data.

Details View

Through the Status Dialog you can open the details view. It gives additional informations about the current 3D printer connection. Last temperature string returned by the printer, last command send, active extruder number, memory usage of the app, and more.

Favorite Macro Button

GcodePrintr 3.0 offers a customizeable button to quickly access your favorite macro. When using it the first time it will ask to select on of the defined macros. The selected macro is then bound to this button and can be executed with a single touch. The macro selection can be changed by long-pressing the button.

Improved Dialog for Macros

Since version 2.5 GCodePrintr supports more than 15 different macro keywords in addition to the normal gcode commands. The dialog to edit marcos will now use the full screen. Manually entered gcodes will be send immediately when pressing enter on the keyboard. A new help dialog lists all keywords with their meaning, so that you no longer need to remember them.

Web Interface - New responsive design

The web interfaces design has been refreshed and is now using a responsive web design. It will dynamically change the layout to best fit your browser. Functions are grouped and shown in individual widgets.

Web Interface - Show picture of the print

Now you can use the build-in camera of your Android device to take pictures and show it on the web interface. This allows you to remotely watch the 3D printer (even without using the 3rd party Webcam App). You can enable/disable the picture on the web interface. This feature requires additional Android permissions to access the camera.

Upload GCODE through Web Interface

With GCodePrintr V3.0 you can use the Web interface to upload gcode files to the tablet and then start a print remotely. Even if you don't have access to the tablet touch screen you can now use start prints remotely from your PC.

Upload Compatible with Slic3r-"Send to Printer" feature

The popular open-source slicer Slic3r has a feature to send gcode directly to OctoPrint servers. GCodePrintr 3.0 will listen to OctoPrint style requests and accept those file uploads. Just enter the IP address and port of the GCodePrintr Web Interface (e.g. in the Slic3r Octoprint field and try it out.

Web Interface - Listen in disconnected mode

In previous versions, the GCodePrintr Remote Web Interface was only listening if the printer connection has been established. With 3.0 the web interface is started when the App running independent of the printer connection. When accessing the web interface in disconnected mode, it will show a button to establish the printer connection. Once the connection is established the full web interface functionality is available.

Web Interface - Home X/Y/Z

New buttons have been added to the web interface to allow homing of all axis or X-Y-Z individually.

Web Interface - Move X/Y

New buttons have been added to the web interface to allow moving the X-Y axis.

File Loading Improvements and Sorting/Filtering

GCodePrintr is now using a dedicated folder to store gcode files which have been received over network. In addition any file will be registered to the Android Download manager to allo easy access to it. When no "File explorer" App is installed, GCodeprintr will fallback to a new dialog showing all files in the GCodePrintr folder. The recent file list can now be sorted by date, name or layer height. The list can be filtered by extruders used and a "clear history" function has been added. A new help dialog has been added to explain how to load gcode files. The performance of the gcode loading has been improved as well, especially receiving a file over network and storing it is now much faster.

New dialogs for fan speed and step size

A new dialog to set the fan speed has been added. It will show up when long-pressing the fan button- The step size for manual movements can now be set to individual values. Move the step slider to the very right to open the dialog.

Preferences - New category and icons

A new sub-category "Links" has been added to the preferences to give direct access to the GCodePrintr Homepage, the Support Community and to the GCodeInfo App.

Import/Export GCodePrintr Config

A new option has been added to export/import the GCodePrintr config. This helps to backup the config e.g. when you plan to reinstall the app. The option can be found in the general preferences.

Printer Communication Checksums

A new option has been added to enable checksums for the printer communications. This allows the printer to detect communication errors/drops and will request the App to resend the command. Checksums must be enabled in the options, they are used when printing a 3d model only and not for manual commands.

Better support of unknown printer electronics

GCodePrintr maintains a list of supported printer electronics based on their USB Vendor/Product IDs. This is used to choose the correct serial driver (CDCACM,FTDI,CH34x) to communicate with the printer. Older GCodePrintr releases rejected all unknown printer electronics and a new App version was required to support a new device. With GCodePrintr 3.0 one can force a particular serial driver do be used even if the printer is not known.

Many minor enhancements and bug fixes

Better print time estimation by taking M201 acceleration into account
Dynamic autorefresh GCodePrintr WebInterface (15sec reload when printing only)
Support for M83 command, calculate extrusion
Fixed SD card printing with Marlin 1.1 when filesize is listed
Fixed bug with the [REPEAT] macro
Highlight the connect button when opening the print panel (for new users)
Added support for MINIRAMBO printer board
Refreshed App icons
Gbrl improvements
Ability to install the App on SD card of the phone/tablet
And more....
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